Opportunity Roadmap

The Opportunity Roadmap guides local people and businesses interested in taking advantantage of opportunities created by industrial development in Southeast Texas.

Golden Pass Products's proposed LNG export project is expected to create thousands of construction jobs and hundreds of permanent jobs.  It would also generate economic gains in many other industries including retail, construction, manufacturing, business services and transportation.  Golden Pass LNG is committed to helping local residents and businesses share in that growth.

Golden Pass has created the Opportunity Roadmap - a set of initiatives to help businesses, job seekers and others in the community - to do just that.

Local Business Initiative

The first phase of the Opportunity Roadmap, the Local Business Initiative, gave local businesses an opportunity to get “pre-screened” to work with the proposed Golden Pass LNG export project. More than 150 Jefferson County businesses completed pre-screening and were successfully enrolled! Learn more.

Workforce Development

Golden Pass is developing programs to help maximize the benefits of our proposed project for local residents. Through these efforts, Golden Pass aims to:

  1. Connect local residents with opportunities to advance their skills, careers and potentially gain employment with Golden Pass or its contractors.
  2. Empower members of the available local workforce pool to improve their skill sets and employability.
  3. Honor Golden Pass’ commitment to hiring locally and creating benefits for the local community.

See above for information on the next stop of the Opportunity Roadmap: Workforce Readiness Seminars. We hope you'll join us and stay tuned to OpportunityRoadmap.com for information about future seminars!