Thousands of Jobs, Billions in Investment

Construction of Golden Pass LNG Tanks

Construction of LNG storage tanks at Golden Pass Terminal, 2008

The expansion of Golden Pass would create thousands of jobs and generate billions of dollars of investment in local, state and U.S. economies.

The proposed project would be an approximately $10 billion investment in infrastructure on the Gulf Coast, which would generate billions of dollars of economic growth and millions of dollars in annual taxes to local, state and federal governments.

According to a study performed by The Perryman Group, over the life of the project, GPP’s investment could create approximately $31 billion in U.S. economic gains (gross product) and $4.6 billion in taxes for the U.S at local, state and national levels.

The project would also generate tens of thousands of jobs across the life of the facility, including approximately 9,000 construction jobs over five years with peak employment reaching about 3,000 jobs.

Additionally, according to The Perryman Group, the project could generate the equivalent of 45,000 direct and indirect jobs nationwide during construction.

During operations, the project could generate about 3,800 permanent direct and indirect jobs for the life of the facility, including more than 200 permanent jobs at the facility.